Feeling the squeeze

Call us squeezed, call us sandwiched, call us what you like but there’s no escaping us – a generation of 40 and 50+ (women mainly) struggling under the competing demands of children and elderly parents.

People are living longer. Once 70 was called a ‘good innings’ but now it’s more like 90 or even 100; bringing with it all the baggage of old age – loneliness, ill-health, dementia, disability.

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playmobile unicorn

My unicorn is about to spread her wings …

or whatever young unicorns do when they’re growing up.

It’s my daughter’s last week at primary school and it’s feeling quite momentous. Sporting her leaver’s hoodie (in 28 degree heat) she’s more than ready for the next stage. But I, for one, will be sad to put it all behind us.

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